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Wuppertal-based company ERFURT & SOHN has been run by the Erfurt family since its founding in 1827. It is one of the German “brands of the century”, and is a global leader in paintable wall coverings.

ERFURT & SOHN is highly innovative, and even enables coatings on exterior façades. The company, which has been growing consistently for years, continues to manufacture all wall coverings in Wuppertal. alphalogs designed and implemented a contemporary and sustainable logistics system for the DIY and pro-user target groups without impeding ongoing operations.


The alphalogs analysis showed that sustainable logistics could only be achieved using a strategy consistently complying with ERFURT & SOHN’s strict quality standards, and which is focused on the long term. alphalogs thus geared its approach around the company’s philosophy, not fashionable trends. The analysis revealed that ERFURT & SOHN needed a warehousing concept combining speed with precision, and professional implementation taking into account ongoing operations.


alphalogs centred its plans around the staff, because they are what shape success in every respect. It also made sure its new systems were feasible and efficient. alphalogs designed processes simply, took into account contingency plans for worst case scenarios, devised layouts with “system breathing space”, and selected technology for the staff – not staff for the technology.


By acting with foresight, alphalogs minimised implementation risks. It thus communicated with staff and managers using their respective terminology, maintained a cool head, and differentiated between the important and the urgent. alphalogs was on call day and night, guided staff, and impressed with its competence and drive. A major logistics project was completed for ERFURT & SOHN within about two years: From strategy, to process and warehouse planning, tendering and contract award, to acceptance tests, start-up and assistance, alphalogs was ERFURT & SOHN’s one-stop shop.

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