How alphalogs was able to resolve the cramped conditions at HARDECK.

Möbel HARDECK is one of the Ruhr’s largest furniture companies. Over a floor space of 40,000 sq m spanning multiple buildings, it presents modern bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms, as well as small and large furniture and accessories based on specific themes. The family business founded in 1937 stores its stock at Bochum’s central warehouse. alphalogs optimised the logistics at Möbel HARDECK’s central warehouse in terms of efficiency and profitability. The alphalogs analysis showed that HARDECK’s central warehouse required optimised processes which took into account the cramped nature of the logistics facility.


The alphalogs analysis was based on developing, describing and financially assessing an optimised logistics concept. The aim was to ascertain the extent to which automation within the central warehouse in the Bochum industrial estate could appropriately support processes and profitably meet the increasing performance requirements.


The strategic phase saw alphalogs devise two alternative logistics concepts for the furniture warehouse, while the planning phase was divided into three consecutive steps:

  • Determining the planning bases
    Existing logistics operations were assessed and analysed. alphalogs documented the results in a comprehensive interim report. Current layout, material-handling equipment, processes and IT, material flow, volumes, schedules, staff and costs all played a key role here.
  • Systems planning
    The formulated tables, graphs and diagrams were documented in a clear overview. The data was reduced to the main facts of the current logistics situation and future requirements. This documentation then served as the basis for the systems planning.
  • Profitability calculation
    The compiled data was used to optimise the existing logistics concept in terms of clear material flow, sufficiently high performance and handling areas, clear processes and profitability. alphalogs devised a technical system solution for each functional area. The newly optimised processes also taken into account the extremely cramped nature of the logistics facility


Through team work and the high degree of motivation displayed by all those involved, the project was soon ready for implementation. The management team and staff from HARDECK logistics gradually and successfully put the plan into practice with great enthusiasm. After just three months, alphalogs’ optimised concept was ready to organise delivery, storage and provisions for shipment at Möbel HARDECK’s central warehouse. alphalogs further enhanced the concept with relevant layouts, equipment descriptions, processes, investments and profitability assessments.

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