Optimising the Klöpferholz regional warehouse

Klöpferholz is Germany’s largest wood wholesaler and importer. With 26 locations and 550 staff, the historic, Garching-based company is able to supply over 30,000 products nationwide as a full-line provider.

alphalogs optimised operational processes at the largest facility in Wolnzach, Bavaria. The contract included drafting, tendering and introducing a warehouse management system with forklift control for all the facility’s product ranges. Despite seasonal peak period at the Wolnzach site, the new logistics processes started up in April 2011 without any problems. Thanks to careful project follow-ups by alphalogs, the Klöpferholz staff quickly familiarised themselves with everything. And just four weeks after start-up, Klöpferholz was able to record a higher productivity rate than ever before. Plans are in place to introduce this setup at all Klöpferholz facilities across Germany.


The alphalogs analysis showed that seamless enterprise resources planning (ERP) required a new warehousing system with more flexible structures. Initial observations highlighted that the manner in which the many different ranges were organised placed heavy demands on handling techniques and processes. To prevent stagnating orders, and adapt the warehouse to the logistical complexity, warehouse management and equipment had to be redesigned.


alphalogs took charge of seamless, comprehensive planning for modern warehouse management and fork truck management , tendering, and implementation for all the facility’s product ranges, and designed a sustainable system. The warehousing, picking and conveyance technology systems were interlinked and more precisely defined. New warehouse partitioning and more efficient transport routes were also planned. alphalogs sought out project partners early on in this phase, compiled precise tender offers, and co-ordinated the assessment thereof.


The alphalogs team assisted with the project from start to finish, ensuring all work stages dovetailed seamlessly. alphalogs monitored tendering, modifications and implementation, formulated tender specifications with exact requirements, and permanently involved all parties in the process: from the researching of suitable providers, to assisting providers with tendering. alphalogs experts also monitored compilation of the feature specifications, checking development progress and quality through regular workshops, and ensured detailed proof was provided for all project partners’ work. Once the switch had been made to the new system, alphalogs took care of flawless function, helped introduce warehouse management for the most important “board” range through intensive on-site support, trained warehouse staff in IT-based processes, and familiarised staff with new processes and equipment.

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