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Founded in 1992, KOMSA is one of Europe’s leading independent ITC service providers, and, with annual sales of 700 million Euros, is also one of Saxony’s most profitable companies. KOMSA AG records constantly high growth rates, and is always looking to add to its services.

alphalogs designed the entire logistics package for a structural expansion at KOMSA. The result: KOMSA AG moved into its new logistics centre well before Christmas trading, as per schedule, and achieved the expected performance and quality from the new processes within a very short space of time. Since the new system’s introduction, alphalogs has been continuing to assist the KOMSA team further, thereby well exceeding original targets.


The alphalogs analysis showed that manual picking at KOMSA had to be supported by simple, clear processes, and that IT errors had to be prevented. The analysis also showed that manual and potentially paperless picking is a huge advantage. This allows output to be increased by trained staff from other divisions during evening hours. The economical use of automated technology avoids the problem of technical performance limits, and reduces fixed costs.


alphalogs planned the supplier selection process for KOMSA, and attended to comparable offers. This was based on a qualified tendering process focusing on more than just the best price.


alphalogs gave providers a sense of security for deliveries and services thanks to clear structures and detailed content, attending to comparable offers, and taking charge of technical issues during negotiations.

alphalogs also helped the supplier plan activities and compile specifications, and assisted KOMSA with timely adjustment of processes and interfaces, and staff training. During the assembly and start-up phase, alphalogs monitored the quality and progress of the individual sections, conducted acceptance tests, and ensured the new system commenced operation correctly in terms of function and performance.

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