SAP interface management consulting

SAP is Europe’s largest software manufacturer, and has also developed a good reputation in the logistics industry. SAP software allows complex logistics systems to be illustrated simply and clearly. Linking existing software to the SAP system is, however, often a challenge. It frequently sees clashes between two different attitudes, potentially leading to incorrect decisions with critical consequences for the entire company.

alphalogs assisted a company with this process, helping it link its existing warehouse management system to the new SAP system. The gap between business administration and logistics was bridged in a timely, controlled manner without any unpleasant surprises.


The right decisions were made beforehand to enable smooth, effective interaction between all systems, and optimally integrate logistics into business management processes. Work groups consisting of logisticians and SAP users were trained at the start of the project:

  • creating mutual understanding between parties,
  • refreshing everyone’s knowledge,
  • establishing one standard „language“,
  • and, thanks to good co-ordination, ensuring all tasks were distributed manageably and optimally


We started right with the initial plans. Together with our customer and SAP, we formulated the requirements for work group members, supporting their meetings through moderation, a structured approach, interfaces, information on expansion capacities and available options, cross-system optimisation, elimination of superfluous or redundant information, correct and reasonable distribution of functions, application of standards (where possible and appropriate), unconventional solutions, documentation, and reporting on work progress.


Even after the design process, we assisted our customers right from the subsequent tests, to start-up, to approval. As outsiders, we were not committed to either system, meaning we could work neutrally with both sides.

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