Tendering and contract award for SEVERIN Elektrogeräte

SEVERIN Elektrogeräte is a medium-sized company from Sundern in the Sauerland region. It markets its products in over 80 countries worldwide, and continues to grow with an increasingly diverse product range. SEVERIN renders picking and shipping services at its Sundern facility, while finished products are stored externally in surrounding shipping warehouses. alphalogs formulated the call for tenders, and assisted with awarding the contract for and building a new SEVERIN logistics centre with automatic storage technology and directly interlinked picking. This resulted in faster deliveries, added customer service, and lower costs.


In order to find the right partner for the investment, and conclude a contract with them at a good price, the investment needs to be analysed and described as coherently as possible. To do this, alphalogs compiled functional tender offers for all logistical divisions, such as racks or fork trucks, automated conveyance and storage equipment, IT systems for material flow, and warehouse management. alphalogs precisely established the requirements, preparing clear tables and detailed drawings, and coupling it with a definition of the technical standards. This included specifying project management, tendering procedures, after-sales-service aspects, and acceptance test regulations.


alphalogs applied detailed market knowledge and conducted intensive research to find potential suppliers and providers suited to SEVERIN’s size, competence and mentality, and who could carry out the project in co-operation with it. alphalogs carefully assessed all offers, filtering out those deemed disadvantageous to SEVERIN. Through fair, eye-to-eye discussions with the providers, alphalogs clarified any outstanding questions, ensuring all suppliers’ offers and services were comparable, and that SEVERIN could concentrate fully on business matters.


alphalogs took charge of negotiating with potential partners, and ensured precise contract wording. Thanks to its extensive experience, alphalogs kept things in perspective during negotiations, clearly distinguishing the deliveries and services from one another. alphalogs helped SEVERIN draft contracts, thereby ensuring the negotiated interests were duly reflected. It referred to scheduling and performance regulations, identified discrepancies between the commercial and technical conditions, and dealt with matters which didn’t become important until later on, but which had to be established and agreed on when drafting the contract. SEVERIN found the right partner for its new logistics centre through alphalogs’ qualified tendering and precisely planned contract award procedure. The new centre commenced operation smoothly just a year after contract conclusion – without the sales division even noticing. alphalogs assisted with this process right up to the acceptance tests.

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