WEPA turned to alphalogs for a second time.

WEPA Papier¬fabrik based in Arnsberg produces well over 600,000 tonnes of sanitary paper a year, and employs over 2,900 staff at 10 locations across Europe. This makes it Germany’s largest independent company in its industry, and among the top 5 in Europe.

alphalogs developed and implemented sustainable logistics for the WEPA facility in Arnsberg-Müschede. After only twelve months, WEPA Papier¬fabrik received its second fully automatic logistics centre, which started up without any problem and commenced operations as planned. Despite an extremely harsh winter, the project was completed just a few days after the deadline. This was made possible thanks to detailed planning and consistent project management.


The alphalogs analysis showed that the facility required a new logistics strategy with simple processes and short throughput times. As already successfully demonstrated in the case of the first logistics centre with automatic high-bay warehouse, alphalogs adopted pragmatic approaches, and:

  • took into account WEPA’s long-term goals right from the planning stage
  • developed a strategy capable of being implemented in stages
  • reduced the implementation steps to what was actually feasible for the company.


The quality of the planning was crucial, even over and above the success of the WEPA project. In terms of content, because sufficient reserves and resources were taken into consideration. In terms of scheduling, because implementation steps interlinked like cogs. And in terms of price, because there were no additional charges.

alphalogs devised all processes and formulated these in the tender specifications. It drafted layouts taking into account even seemingly unimportant details, and defined technical equipment with a keen sense of proportion.


Having alphalogs take charge of tendering with clear structures and content took the strain off the providers, guaranteed the scope of supply and services through comprehensive documentation, meant a focus on the future, and clarified aspects relating to maintenance, its hotline, and spare parts services. After assessing the offers, alphalogs established the right tone in negotiations to bring the client and contract together in pursuit of a common goal.

The alphalogs project management co-ordinated schedules and task plans, meetings and reminders, compiled feature specifications and assessed final design plans, indentified setup discrepancies on site, helped integrate the new IT systems, checked deliveries and services for contractual fulfilment, tested the new system for completeness, function, performance and availability, ensured everything was ready for operation at the customer’s end, co-ordinated start-up, and gave WEPA staff a sense of confidence and security in relation to new processes.

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