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tendering & contracting 

SEVERIN is a traditional German company. For over 60 years, the company has been producing high-quality electrical appliances under the brand of the same name.


SEVERIN assigned alphalogs with the planning, preparation of the tender and the final acceptance of the new logistics centre with a volume of 36,000 pallet places and a daily throughput of 1,500 parcels and 1,500 pallets.


First of all, alphalogs prepares a functional tender for all logistical trades, automatic conveying and storage technology as well as IT systems for material flow and warehouse management. 

Based on detailed market knowledge, alphalogs identifies potential suppliers and carefully evaluates the offers. Thanks to its extensive experience, alphalogs maintains an overview in the negotiation process, clearly differentiates between supplies and services and thus ensures that contracts are drawn up precisely. 

During and after the construction phase, alphalogs takes over the acceptance tests for the new warehouse management system as well as the warehouse and conveyor technology within the scope of quality, performance and availability.


Thanks to the support of alphalogs, SEVERIN found the right partner for the new logistics centre. Just one year after the contract was signed, the new logistics centre was put into operation without any start-up problems. alphalogs supported the entire process right up to the acceptance tests.

With the new logistics centre, SEVERIN can guarantee shorter delivery times and better customer service – and save costs along the way.

planning, tendering and implementation

BRILONER® has been the brand for residential lighting based in Brilon for over 40 years.


The company is planning the construction of a new logistics center with a surface of approx. 17,000 m2. This is intended to create a future-proof and customer-specific state-of-the-art solution to meet the expansive growth of BRILONER®.

alphalogs is assigned to manage the project from planning to tendering to implementation.


What is already there: the property. What is not yet there: the planning. alphalogs develops a fundamental greenfield plan to enable an optimal material flow and also take future extensions into account. The alphalogs solution includes a high degree of automated processes: a semi-automated container unloading, automated lift systems for picking of small and spare parts, pallet conveyor technology to connect the replenishment warehouse, reasonably complemented with manual storage and picking areas.

Typically alphalogs: Complete supervision of the project not only in planning and tendering, but also responsibility for realization and implementation.


The new building in Meschede has been successfully completed. The results are impressive. The logistics performance curve has improved significantly compared to the previous location; the alphalogs support for the project achieved significant benefits.
The alphalogs team is looking forward to supporting a possible expansion of the logistics center with an automated high-bay warehouse. Good luck BRILONER®!

planning, tendering & implementation

BDD is a leading global partner to the automotive industry in metal forming and processing and was acquired by Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group at the end of 2019.


BDD built Europe’s largest automated long goods warehouse in the Port of Duisburg. The new central warehouse with an area of 35,000 square meters was built in just 14 months. More than 27,000 tons of precision steel tubes, hot-finished steel tubes and stainless steel tubes are stored there. alphalogs assisted with the project from planning through tendering to realization.


First, alphalogs reviews the data and calculations of material flows from previous planning and adapts the new layout to the site in Duisburg. This is followed by the invitation to tender, the bidding phase and the signing of the contract with the supplier. 

alphalogs then supervises the installation of the automatic honeycomb storage system, the corresponding conveyor technology and the procurement of cranes and forklifts, thus ensuring the successful commissioning of the site. 


Europe’s largest high-bay warehouse for long goods enables efficient management of inventories and optimization of the logistics structure and workflows. BDD thus offers its customers higher product availability and shorter delivery times. 

From the planning phase to the go-live, alphalogs places great emphasis on precise and reliable cooperation in order to successfully handle a project of this dimension. This paid off: The new warehouse was handed over ahead of schedule. 

planning, tendering and implementation

Lederer has been a specialist in stainless steel fasteners, drawing and special parts, and C-parts management for over 50 years.


alphalogs is working on a future-proof expansion of the existing logistics site for Lederer and is responsible for the design, planning, tendering and implementation of an automated small parts warehouse with over 33,000 storage locations, more than 1.5 km of container and pallet conveyor technology, new incoming and outgoing goods areas, and state-of-the-art packing and shipping stations.

In addition to the new warehouse technology, alphalogs also supports the installation of the new warehouse management and material flow control system for the highly complex processes of multi-channel distribution. 


Visionary planning: alphalogs thinks far ahead in its conception in order to be able to achieve long-term goals. As part of the detailed planning, we developed a future-proof system. The special feature of this project is the combination of existing storage areas and technologies in the form of a narrow-aisle warehouse and manual areas with new storage, conveyor and picking technology, in this case an automatic small parts warehouse as well as container and pallet conveyor technology.  

The following tendering, project management and support of the implementation lead to a successful commissioning of warehouse and conveyor technology as well as the introduction of a new warehouse management system.


Lederer GmbH looks back on a successful extension of the logistics center in Ennepetal. Also thanks to the support of alphalogs during the go-live and ramp-up phase of the new system, the performance curve of the site is increasing significantly.

planning, tendering & implementation

The WEPA Group is a family-owned company based in Arnsberg and active throughout Europe. It is one of the three largest European manufacturers of hygiene papers.


alphalogs develops a sustainable logistics strategy for WEPA, including planning, tendering and implementation. The client is successfully guided through the project, which includes the construction of an automatic high-bay warehouse with approx. 33,000 pallet places and a shipping capacity of 3,000 pallets per day.


A head start through pre-planning: alphalogs thinks far ahead in the conception phase in order to be able to achieve long-term goals. The framework conditions relevant for success in terms of content, deadlines and prices are included in the planning right from the start. alphalogs designs all processes, drafts layouts and defines technology with a sense of proportion. 

The following detailed tendering and prudent project management allow the individual elements of the implementation to mesh together smoothly. alphalogs also coordinates the start-up of operations and gives the staff confidence in new processes.


After just twelve months, the WEPA paper mill receives the second fully automated logistics centre with the support of alphalogs, which starts up without any problems and is in commission according to plan. This was made possible by detailed planning and consistent project management. 

The high-bay warehouse enables WEPA to increase service quality and reduce throughput times as well as logistics costs.

profitability comparison & relocation support

With its well-known brands Rotbäckchen, Rabenhorst and Dr. Steinberger, the family-owned company Haus Rabenhorst represents healthy nutrition for more than 200 years.


The company is experiencing significant growth in recent years. This positive development is causing the logistics to reach its limits. There is a need for action. The experts from alphalogs were asked to evaluate the necessary logistics expansion within the framework of a profitability comparison with various alternatives and to make a reliable recommendation for action.


The profitability comparison has a clear purpose: a self-managed external warehouse, a warehouse expansion at the headquarters or the outsourcing of logistics are examined. alphalogs develops a layout for the alternatives and provides a detailed estimation of the necessary investments, the running costs and the personnel expenses. For outsourcing, alphalogs requests offers from service providers and evaluates them. The result: Rabenhorst follows the recommendation and chooses the self-managed external warehouse.

alphalogs takes over the complete planning of the rollout, taking into account material flow and processes, as well as the project management around the successive relocation and start-up.


The relocation of the logistics is successfully completed. The start-up of the self-managed external warehouse went smoothly, also thanks to the support of alphalogs.

In the meantime, Haus Rabenhorst has extended the logistics areas at the Anhausen site. Even now, alphalogs´ planning ensures that the targeted growth of the next few years can be handled.