A strategy with consistency.

The starting point for superior processes.

Particularly in ever more demanding markets, logistics has a key role to play. The performance and efficiency of logistic processes must be preconceived and designed for many years to come. This means that companies continually face the challenge of successfully further developing themselves.

alphalogs specialises in logistic change processes designed for the long term, develops strategies and implements them in successful processes. Taking available means and resources into consideration is a key requirement in this process. All those involved in the project are gradually and consistently integrated into the agreed strategy.

The strategies devised by us are always based on careful analyses of central parameters, such as the current logistics plan, logistical equipment, delivery and loading processes, profitability, locations, on-site logistics, IT, material flow, volumes, staff and costs. Because behind every successful strategy is a first-class analysis.

Development of
logistics strategies

Analysis of potential

  • Consideration of current strategies, processes, systems and transport methods
  • Assessment and evaluation of potential for improvement

“Make or buy” and outsourcing of logistics services

  • Evaluation of existing logistics services
  • Tendering, evaluation and recommendation for “make or buy”
  • Monitoring of implementation

Profitability analyses

  • Evaluation of investment and reorganisation projects

European procurement and distribution strategies

  • Analysis of existing structures
  • Recognition of goals and constraints
  • Simulation of logistics sites and transport streams
  • Determination of optimum structures and sites

Master and plant development planning

  • Evaluation of the current situation and definition of future goals and requirements
  • Development and evaluation of alternative development scenarios
  • Preparation of master plans

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